What is Eviat?
     Eviat is a non-profit organization that collects used computers for disadvantaged children. All donated      computersare dispersed to youth in the local community that need them the most. We then follow up with      hands-on training on how to effectively use the computer.

  Where do we get the computers?
     We get most of our computers from personal users like you. When you buy a new computer, the older tends to
     sit in the corner collecting dust. Instead of wasting that computer, you should donate it to a disadvantaged child.

   Why Donate your older computer?
     A computer to a kid who doesn’t have one is more than just a computer. It’s a key to success, for now and in the
     future. We believe education is both more accessible and constructive when using a computer. We envision a      world where every child has not only a computer but hands-on training as well. Eviat hopes that with the proper      resources and training, we will be able to foster education, growth, and a better life for our local and global      communities.

   NEWS & UPDATES      

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